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Today's high-end virtual reality (VR) systems have two major limitations: 1) They require a cable connection to stream high definition videos from a PC or game console to the headset, which significantly limits the player's mobility. 2) They require expensive laser or camera based tracking systems, which only work in line-of-sight scenarios.

We design algorithms and systems which uses mmWave signals to enable wireless links with orders of magnitude higher throughput than today's wireless systems, enabling untethered VR system. Further, we are currently exploring different solutions to use mmWave signal to track user movements without a need for expensive laser tracking systems.


Enabling High-Quality Untethered Virtual Reality

O. Abari, D. Bharadia, A. Duffield and D. Katabi
NSDI'17: USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation, Boston USA, March 2017