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Driverless cars is an active area of research in both academia and industry, with much investment in large-scale projects by major car manufacturers, as well as technology companies, such as Google and Uber. Although driverless cars are already entering production, their safety and reliability remains a challenge. We believe that wireless systems can deliver powerful solutions.

Our group develops new protocols, algorithms and hardware to enable wireless systems ("Wireless EYEs") for autonomous cars. Unlike typical wireless networks and systems, which use wireless signals only for communication, our systems use them for both communication and sensing. Our goal is to design a collaborative network capable of assembling a 3D picture of the environment, enabling Driverless Cars to see through fog, snow, and occlusions. Designing such systems would allow us to provide driverless cars with critical information about the road and environment, even when traditional sensors like cameras might fail.


Caraoke: An E-Toll Transponder Network for Smart Cities

O. Abari, D. Vasisht, D. Katabi and A. Chandrakasan
SIGCOMM'15: ACM Special Interest Group on Data Communication, London UK, August 2015



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